This door can be  stained door in various colours, creating a modern and visually appealing door style

We will help design your custom door your way! (see the images above for optional details like wood type, glass, sidelite & transoms) 
All wood doors are available in 
custom to any size transoms & sidelites.
Change the glass and or wood for a custom & special unique look.

Have you seen a door in a magazine or do you have a photo or idea? We can create it ask for estimate & design help!

  • We will call to discuss for all estimates, however if you use the system it will help us fine tune and questions we may have.
  • Consider adding to the estimate cart the glass & hardware etc. in fact all the products you may need.
  • Size: Any thickness, height & width you may want.
Wood doors never fail to impress by virtue of  materials, craftsmanship, artistry and vision.  Visit our showroom meet our staff we will help you create your Grand Entranceway.

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Our system allows a contractor or owner to add items much like a shopping cart to request estimate.

  • NO CREDIT CARD  is required.
  • You can add multiple items to the cart.
  • Please leave notes on your needs.
  • We will answer all estimates usually within 24 hours & call or email if there are any questions.

Ph:  604.501.4800   We provide guidance on options etc.
Fax: 604.501.4801  We can review your plans ideas etc.

'EMAIL A QUESTION'  for a single item
OR 'ADD PRODUCTS TO CARTto get a no obligation estimate for multiple items.

  • Brand: Western Doors
  • Product Code: 1817
  • Pickup & Delivery Dates to be Confirmed: Available With Confirmeration

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